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 Seminar questions for 1/16-1/18, on the main themes of Little Men

Family & Identity:

Describe the relationship between your individual identity and that of your family.  Choose a character from the show and describe their individual identity as it relates to Plumfield.  This can be based on information from the script, research into the backstory in the Louisa May Alcott books, and/or supplemented by your own character analysis.  Compare your experience of family identity with that of the character you chose, and draw connections to the other members of your seminar discussion on the topic.

Gender and Historical Fiction: 

What are the implications of language (our words) in relation to gender and gender roles? What does it mean to be a guy or a girl in the world now and how is it different, or unfortunately the same, as in 1883. How does telling a story, such as Little Men, in a different way challenge our assumptions about gender? 

Loyalty and Group Development Theory:

Consider the Tuckman Group Development Theory (forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning) and Maslow's hierarchy of needs (the triangle).  Give examples from the "Little Men" text of how these theories hold up or do not.  Draw connections and give an example from your own life that supports or challenges one of these theories.