We will meet this year in the Zoo (Classroom C)
  • Make sure your binders are present every Friday!!!  
    • We will be working on something in them or for them 
    • Bring your own tea mug!!!
    • Bring your favorite tea and cookies to share.


MP Camp Reflection Questions

“What have I learned about myself, my mentor group, and my school at SAMi camp?”


  • To process expectations and assumptions about camp
  • To describe what the camp experience was actually like for me as an individual and as part of a mentor group.
      • Impactful moments
      • Memorable moments
      • Challenging / Difficult moments
  • To process what it means to be part of the SAMi community

Write a three paragraph letter, poem, or journal entry

  • 1st paragraph is about yourself
  • 2nd paragraph is about my mentor group
  • 3rd paragraph is about the SAMi community



Our Mentor Group School Service:
Our Mentor Group Community Service: