Tacoma Science and Math Institute Associated Student Body: 2016-2017.

Mission Statement: As the Associated Student Body at the Tacoma Science and Math Institute, it is our mission to support the mission of the school and help students, staff, and community to be united as one. By working together with the community we will get the school the materials it needs and help the staff and students to be the best that they can be.  We will cooperate to provide the student with a voice that connects to the staff of the school so that we can make the Tacoma Science and Math Institute a positive, safe, and fun place to learn.

Adopted 11/23/2009

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The new Email for the pro is samiasbpro@gmail.com, so go ahead and send any announcements you need there.

Seniors! Here's the link to the Google Drive with all of the Prom Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MrmpOl2m8ofG86E06Gkb03s8LGmGp78a



Congratulations to our new SAMI Governing Board Members for 2018-2019:

Please plan to attend our ASB meeting on Thursday, May 10th from 3:45-5:00 in ELC 106.  Thank you to all who ran. 

Please know that ALL ASB meetings are open to all SAMI students, and any student interested in leadership at our school is welcome to attend and participate.


President: Dollar Ganu.

Vice President: Alexia S.

Secretary: Huyen-Tram N.

Treasurer: Alina N.

Public Relations: Jacob E.

Club Manager: Emily D.

Senior President: Elena S.

Junior President: Samira M.

Sophomore President: Kevin N.

Freshman President: election will be held fall semester.



SAMI Governing Board Members 2017-2018:

President: Julia T.

Vice President: Dollar G.

Secretary: Huyen-Tram N.

Treasurer: Ayva V.

Public Relations: Jacob E.

Club Manager: Alexia S.

Senior President: Isobel L.

Junior President: Elena S.

Sophomore President: Hayleigh H.

Freshman President: Kevin N.

2016-2017 ASB Election Results: 

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 ASB Governing Board Members!

President: Jackson S.

Vice President: Coleman S.

Secretary: Jennings M.

Treasurer: Cas G.

Public Relations: Mylynn P.

Club Manager: Ruby N.

Senior Class President: Cennady C. 

Junior Class President: Gabe S.

Sophomore Class President:  Julia T. 

Freshman Class President: Greg S.

Did you know...

That all ASB meetings are open to all students? Stop by Portable L after school every Thursday until 5:00, we love visitors!

All visitors can participate in ASB discussion.


Important ASB Links and Documents

Current SAMi clubs, where they meet, and when.

YouTube: Watch all announcement videos full screen, and watch archived videos.

Minutes of Governing Board meetings.

Paperwork to start a club, and a template for your required club constitution.

Constitution and By-Laws 2016.

ASB Budget.


Previous ASB Governing Board Members

 2015-2016 Governing Board:

  • Gabe D: President
  • Jackson S: Vice President
  • Jennings M: Secretary
  • Megan M: Treasurer
  • Ian M: Club Manager
  • Reily S: Public Relations
  • Audrey C: Senior Class President
  • Tyreke W: Junior Class President
  • Cas G: Sophomore Class President
  • Coleman S: Freshman Class President 


2014-2015 Governing Board Members:

  • James W: President
  • Gabe D: Vice President
  • Jennings M: Secretary
  • Tre D: Treasurer
  • Chris D: Club Manager
  • Jackson S: Public Relations
  • Brian V: Senior Class President
  • Tim H: Junior Class President
  • Ian M: Sophomore Class President
  • Isobel L: Freshman Class President


2013-2014 Governing Board Members:

  • President: Grant C.
  • Vice President: James W.
  • Secretary: Nodia R.
  • Treasurer: Priscilla T.
  • Public Relations: Audrey C.
  • Senior Rep: David L.
  • Junior Rep: Chris D.
  • Sophomore Rep: Zach L.
  • Freshman Rep: Jackson S. 

2012-2013 Governing Board Members:

  • President: Christian I.
  • Vice President: Grant C.
  • Secretary: Kiah L.
  • Treasurer: Anthony D.
  • Public Relations: Mari T.
  • Senior Rep: Greg S.
  • Junior Rep: David L.
  • Sophomore Rep: James W
  • Freshman Rep: William B.