"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of
government in the next." - Abraham Lincoln 
Monday-Thursday Schedule
Monday/Wednesday Schedule Tuesday/Thursday Schedule
Period 1 9/10 Humanities (L) Period 5 9/10 Humanities (L)
Period 3 11/12 Civics (K) Period 7 11/12 Civics (K)
Period 4 11/12 Civics (K) Period 8 11/12 Civics (K)
Friday Schedule
Mentor Group (10:30 - 12:30)
Lunch (12:30 - 1:20)
Adventures & Applications: Starting February 17th (1:20 - 3:20)
9/10 Humanities - American History: The Science and Social Implications of Nuclear Weapons
Monday, May 1: For this final summative, you will analyze Cat’s Cradle as a satirical work skewering SCIENCE, RELIGION, and FATE as recurring themes. How does Vonnegut use satire to expose the foolishness and faults of all three concepts through the beliefs and actions of the characters in the novel? You will analyze all three concepts in your humanities notebook as you read, but you will construct your 3-4 page essay on whichever of the three themes you feel he does the best in satirizing. See Documents Section for rubric and instructions.
Monday, April 24: You and your site teammates are going to recreate one crucial arm of the Manhattan Project – the massive scientific and military undertaking that gave the world atomic weaponry. Each site is tasked with answering one essential question that serves as the backbone to the purpose of the site. Our goal is to see how each of these sites function as parts of the larger Manhattan Project. See DOCUMENTS section for full instructions.
Monday, April 10: Today, we were assigned the Character Analysis and Artistic Response assignment for our short book "Hiroshima" . We were divided into specific reading groups based upon the character you were assigned to study for your character analysis in your humanities notebook. Tomorrow, we will discuss the Artistic Response in more detail. For homework, read the pages you decided within your reading groups.
Thursday, March 9: For homework, finish reading "The Radioactive Boy Scout" - the story of David Hahn and his backyard reactor. With the vocabulary word you chose today in class, find and record text evidence of Hahn's actions and words showing that he is the adjective you chose. Record the text evidence on the back of the article given in class.
Wednesday, March 8: We spent some time getting a beginning-level understanding of Albert Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity by acting out some of his "thought experiments" which influenced his understanding of the relationship between objects in motion and the energy created. For homework, read the article titled "Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb" which details the specifics of his famous equation E=mc2 and how it lead to the creation of atomic weapons, in addition to his letter written to President Roosevelt. Answer this prompt in your humanities notebook for homework in body paragraph form: Is Einstein responsible for the creation of nuclear weapons?
Tuesday: March 7: We read an article titled "Undark and the Radium Girls". We used this piece to further practice the development of quality thesis statements and claims which support the thesis. This was turned in as formative work.
Monday, March 6: Today, we debriefed the Becquerel article based from student annotation. This was turned in. We turned our attention to radioactivity itself, specifically gamma radiation, and how it is around us in Point Defiance Park. We will test the radioactivity of the rocks we collected Wednesday.
Thursday, March 2: For homework, finished reading and annotating the piece on Henri Becquerel and the unintentional action he made that changed the scope of human history.
Tuesday/Wednesday, February 28-March 1: We watched the documentary "Countdown to Zero" to determine essential questions for the scope of study of this course. We also contributed ideas for Humanities classes next year.
Monday, February 27: Every team did an excellent job in presenting Option Five! Our class decided on quadrilateral negotiations (US, Russia, China, North Korea), with the option of a "reverse Trojan Horse" - feigning withdrawl from South Korea to await an inevitable North Korean invasion, making them the aggressor in this conflict. Tomorrow, we will begin the documentary "Countdown to Zero."
Wednesday/Thursday, February 22/23: Tomorrow in class, we will finish our OPTION FIVE, solving the problem of North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Tonight, prepare yourself to aid your team in addressing the content of your poster.
On your poster, and as a team, you will:
- Provide a BRIEF BACKGROUND that frames your team's decision.
- List the concrete GOALS of your plan.
- State US POLICIES to achieve your goals.
- Record your underlying BELIEFS that justify your plan.
- Write down any ARGUMENTS against your plan (and be able to explain why these arguments are wrong - rebuttal).
Mon. February 13: For Homework, finish your short essay on the outcome of our Mock Jury. Bring a printed copy of what you have accomplished. Below are the assignment instructions.

Each member of the jury is responsible for writing an essay of no more than 2-pages explaining their judgment about the defendant Jeff “Ace” Johnson and the classification of this incident.

Using the best two examples, students should explain how their personal final decision meets the criteria in the type of killing charge they personally decided on. Then, students should explain, using examples, why they have not classified the action as either of the other two types. Lastly, students should write a conclusion reflecting on the jury session experience (both their personal performance and the jury as a whole) and how they feel about how the jury arrived at the majority decision of “Voluntary Manslaughter.”

 February 8: For Homework, prepare for tomorrow's mock jury by coming prepared with your annotation, summary, main idea, and thesis work finished, in addition to your Evidence For/Evidence Against organizer in your Humanities notebook.
11/12 Civics - The American Political Milieu
May 15/16 - Article I of the Constitution
- With your partner, briefly summarize each SECTION (except Section 1)
- As you read, evaluate the logic of the Framers of the Constitution: What makes sense? What should be changed? Taken Out? Remain the Same?
- Landmark Legislation - research one piece of landmark legislation (given in class) and reflect on the benefit and/or detriment the law has on the individual.
May 1/2 - DUE MAY 10/11: You are going to write a two minute speech responding to the question “Who am I politically?” by choosing ONE of “the issues” in the Student News Daily handout and explaining where you stand on each issue, and why. Then, you will deliver the speech aloud in a time span of two minutes, where you will attempt to sway the audience to your point of view. See Documents section for rubric & instructions, Rhetorical Devices PDF, and Liberal vs. Conservative Beliefs packet.
April 24/25: DUE MAY 24/25 - You are going to create a work of art that will serve as your critique of the political milieu (setting) of 2017 – an insight to your thoughts and feelings regarding the status quo. You may approach any political issue you choose to provide artistic social commentary on, no matter how general or specific, global or local, static or ongoing the subject matter is. To stretch yourself, I would urge you to tackle a different issue that you have not addressed in any of the earlier summatives, though I cannot force you to do so both ethically and artistically. On the due date, you will exhibit your political art for all of the class to appreciate. This includes a performance if the art type merits it – i.e. a dance, song, skit, spoken word, demonstration, film, etc. You will then give your ARTIST’S STATEMENT aloud before the class. In the DOCUMENTS section, you will find the packet with general political issues, if that helps you develop ideas for your art project.
April 19/20: Today we discussed Machiavellian Ethics in a four corners debate. Consider how Machiavellian either of your presidential authors are as you read. Do they ever follow ethics as outlined in "The Prince?"
April 17/18: Assigned today was the Quote Analysis & Seminar Summative for our two presidential authors: Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Please begin reading your books and working on your analysis at the same time. Use your time wisely and start reading NOW! The Summative instructions are in the Documents section.
April 12/13: For Homework: Complete your analysis of your media outlet. Use the tools and information in the article from class (in the Documents Section) to answer the following prompts for your media source:
1. Is your media outlet "FAKE NEWS?" How can you prove yes or no?
2. What types of MEDIA BIAS are you finding in your media outlet?
April 10/11: For Homework: Complete the homework on your local representatives in your notebooks. Remember to do only 3 out of the 10 local politicians, instead of all 10. See Documents section for homework. Today, we reviewed some relevant current events and took a version of the USCIS Naturalization Test to test your political awareness and efficacy.
March 8/9: Continue working on the Bill of Rights vs. UN Declaration of Human Rights summative. This assignment is DUE THURSDAY, MARCH 16th for 7th & 8th Periods, and MONDAY, MARCH 20th for 3rd and 4th Periods (due to the Junior SAT schedule). The assignments and instructions are all in the Documents Section of this very SWIFT site!
March 2/March 6: For homework, finish reading and annotating the Bill of Rights. After discussing the document's language, we will determine whether or not the Bill of Rights protects the individual better than the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
Wednesday, March 1: (SENIORS ONLY) In light of the juniors taking the SAT, we had an isolated day. We created an BAME scale rubric for the President of the United States and graded President Trump based off of the accomplishments he outlined in his first speech to Congress.
February 27/28: Thank you for your participation in our inquiry into the rights SAMI students should have at school. Please finish the chart in your notebooks, focusing on changing existing school rules that you find do not protect all students' rights to better do so. Modify the existing school code to better protect all SAMI students. We will share some of these modifications in class on Wednesday/Thursday.
February 22/23: DUE TODAY: Your INAUGURAL ADDRESS and TRUMP ANNOTATION. Thank you to those who volunteered to deliver their speeches in class for a workshop in public speaking skills and body language!
Next class, we will continue to explore the inalienable rights SAMI students should have, as we move into our individual rights unit.
 February 8/9: In your notebooks, construct a 7-8 sentence body paragraph answering our essential question - Does President Trump's Executive Order #13769 uphold the American political values of LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and DEMOCRACY? Relevant assignment documents can be found in the DOCUMENTS section.
Links to Videos:
Trump Interview w/CNN (from 2015) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq0rbR5Ap3c
Post Travel Ban Update w/NBC Today Show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xd7Dqe7F90
Words of Wisdom:

mikegaryscott.png"If a baby were president, there would be no taxes, there would be no war. There would be no government...and things could get terrible. It actually, probably...it would be a better screenplay idea than a serious suggestion."