Vision We believe all students have the right to high-quality educational experiences that develop their unique needs and passions. 

Mission Our mission is to partner with community resources to change public education, emphasizing creativity and utilizing a fully inclusive model that educates the whole student though our values: thinking, empathy, community, and balance. 


Mentor Group Outcomes  

  • Post High Plan connected to passions and dreams
  • On-Track Graduation through course pathways in natural or physical sciences with Next Move Internship
  • Course mastery meeting 3.0 or exceeding 4.0 standards in all classes
  • Regular, on-time attendance in all classes

Why?  We want happy and prepared students, ready for a life connected to their passions and dreams!

How do we do it? Through our vision and mission, mentor group creates a family for four years at SAMi to support these outcomes. Fall and Spring conferences are critical for goal setting and reflection. Regular two-way communication initiated by student, family and mentor supports our student's full potential. If you have questions, please contact your mentor or Liz Minks