Kainoa Higgins (M.A.T)
Alias: Mr. Higgins, Duke Higgins, Sir Higgins, Profresh Higgins,
Higgins, Higgins, The Higgins, King Higgins, Mr. H, Mr. Higgs, Higgi-fresh

Chemistry 1/2:
  Periods 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8
Marine Science/Oceanography: Period 3
Science Skills: Period 7
Contact Information: (253) 571-2306
Email: khiggins.sami@gmail.com

On Teaching Chemistry: 

My major goal in chemistry is to glamorize its art and promote chemical literacy.  In support I intend to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and processes, hone skills in scientific method and problem solving, and practice safe laboratory techniques.   I want students to leave this course informed, conciuos, and contributing global citizen.  Besides, what teenager doesn't like explosions, flashes, bangs, color changes, fire, or any other mystical component of a standard "Potions" course.

On Teaching Biology: 

Hailing from the Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific I have always had a profound affinity for my surrounding environment as well as the critters that inhabit it.  Thus I see fit that biology be approached primarily from a life-centric perspective and supported the alternative human-centric approach.  I feel it is crucially important that my students enduringly understand that while as human beings we often find ourselves  speci-centric in “our world”, it is important to understand and appreciate the rest of our natural world (to the best of our ability) and the impact we have had and can have upon it.

Aloha and Mahalo,
           Kainoa Higgins

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