Hello, Welcome back to regularly scheduled classes.  We are in full swing for the spring semester.  

 The semester is already flying past and I wanted to update everyone on some differences.  The district is making moves toward strictly standards based grading.  I am making some differences to my classroom routines to adjust in that direction.  I have moved from the regular textbook to workbooks based on the Math Vision Project which aligns very well with our state and national standards.  The daily learning targets are based more closely on the standards and list the actual standard we are working on.  Students are taking mini summative tests each class day to check off the standards they are mastering.  They may take any test multiple times but the more time they spend on one standard, the less time they have to take the other ones.  Also, it is a waste of their time and paper to continue taking the same one over and over.

Students should have a little bit of math homework each day.  I want them to have enough practice with the new skills to own the skills because math is always incredibly sequential.  Every test is cumulative with prior math and each new skill builds on the previously learned skills.  They know the standards they need to master and should have enough notes and practice work (homework and classwork) to study those standards to pass the tests.

Students in my class will need to keep a journal for notes (I recommend a composition book), and be prepared each day with pencils and a calculator.

Algebra 3/4 -- We will be reviewing basic math and fractions, work with graphing calculators and functions, study polynomials and radical equations, and do projects to show we now own these topics.  In the spring, we will move on to circles, sine/cosine/tangent, modeling with equations, variables, and multiple variables.

Math In Society -- This class will review personal finances such as budgeting and then to move into math in the workplace.  Sometimes we forget how much we rely on math and mathematical concepts in our everyday jobs but we use much more than we realize.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our classroom.

email: rkeller1@tacoma.k12.wa.us