Behavior Chart

Every students' behavior will be marked on their behavior calendar in their take home folder daily. If families have any questions about their child's behavior please contact Miss Goble that day.

Purple (5)- repeatedly respectful and responsible (putting others before themselves, actively trying to help others not with the focus of turning to white)

Blue(4)- very respectful and responsible, being a very thoughtful friend and helping others just to be nice not because they want to turn to blue

Green- (3) Everyday Everyone STARTS on green (good behavior, nice to others, sharing)

Yellow- (2) being disrespectful or unresponsible (not listening, not following directions, lying, etc.) Need to stop, think, and make a new decision.

Orange- (1) repeatedly being disrespectful or irresponsible, lose minutes during centers time,  contact parents

Red- (0) hitting others, hurting self, breaking/damaging property, contact parents