English/Language Arts Syllabus 2017-2018

The Willie Stewart Academy

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English/Language Arts                                               General Course Syllabus                     2017-2018 School Year

 Instructor: Julie C. Hasted

 Contact Information:              phone                253-571-3284

                                                        email                 jhasted@tacoma.k12.wa.us   or through Edgenuity email




When you log into Edgenuity, you can view the entire course map—an interactive scope and sequence of all topics you will study. However, your teacher may add or remove activities, assign supplemental activities, and expect you to complete work in other formats. These decisions will be made with your input and reflect our desire to individualize your education and coursework as much as possible.

 Every English class includes both reading and writing assignments with the following differences.

  •  Initial courses are required to be full semester’s worth of instructional time. This includes at least two full-length essays and a full novel or drama, depending on the semester.
  • Credit retrieval courses are required to be a half-semester’s worth of instructional time. This includes at least one full length essay and does not include a full-length novel or drama.


Recommended Resources and Materials:

You should plan to take plenty of notes and to keep your notes organized. For much of the work, you can take notes in the Edgenuity courses, but you should also have a notebook to use for this class. We can provide you with one if you don’t have your own.

 You are encouraged to use your notes for all quizzes, tests, and the cumulative (final) exam.

 Offline Work Requirements

Additional Activities: combined, these three things make up 10% of your course grade.

  1. Your notebook(s) of notes for the course must also be turned in for a grade at the end of class. (If you use the enotes in Edgenuity, I will already have access to them.)       Your notes make up 1/3 of the Additional Activities grade.
  2. You are asked to keep track of your progress and to answer lesson questions each day.  These answered lesson questions make up 1/3 of the Additional Activities grade.
  3.  CTE Employability Standard – You are being asked to maintain a “point card” each week in order to provide us with documentation to support evaluations of work-place appropriate behavior.   The PEC (Professional Expectations Checklist) scores make up 1/3 of the Additional Activities grade.

NOTE: These scores won’t be factored in until you complete the Edgenuity course. If you are consistent with all three things, there shouldn’t be any issues with your grade. If you aren’t, though, these items could cause your grade to drop—potentially below the passing threshold—when they are entered at the end of the class.


 Additional offline work may be required or made available upon request at the discretion of the teacher.

It is school policy that offline work account for no more than 25% of a course.

  • For an initial course, offline work can replace approximately 17 hours of Edgenuity instruction.
  • For a credit retrieval class, offline work can replace approximately 9 hours of Edgenuity instruction.

Offline work does not substitute for instruction since no teaching gets to happen when a student is simply handed a book or some worksheets and assignments. Because of that fact, this additional offline work is limited to those situations when Ms. Hasted believes that the student will be successful with the assigned activities without additional instruction.


Cross-Curricular Project Options

WSA teachers are already collaborating on standards-based projects which can be completed to fulfill expectations in 2 or more classes.

This means you do one awesome assignment and it substitutes for online lessons in both class A and class B.

 If you are interested in such options, please talk to me!


If you have an idea for a way that you can demonstrate English standards through an assignment in one of your other classes, please talk to me!



Tacoma Public School District’s Priority standards for English/Language Arts

Regardless of the level of English class you are currently assigned, I have kept the district’s priority standards in mind as I selected which lessons to keep and which to remove.

 Offline work and Cross-Curricular Projects also need to demonstrate adequate skill with these standards.

 If you are interested in an explanation of the Common Core State Standards which have been designated as priorities by our school district, let me know and I will put them into normal, non-English-teacher language for you.