Welcome to Mrs. Woods' first grade page!  I will post homework (including spelling words) on this page weekly.  I will also let you know about events coming up.  Thanks!

Week of February 13:

Homework this week:  Monday:   study spelling words, finish Valentines, and read

Tuesday: Read,  math homework 5.10 and read

Wednesday:  Read, no math homework , study any unknown spelling words

Thursday: Read, no math, spelling words, and read

Friday: Read

Here is our class list for Valentines in case you lost yours:

Sophia, Pepper, Leila, Alex, Anaria, Kailean, Anne Marie, Jesse, Terra, Parker, Chance, Logan, Antonio, Hayden, Colbi, Nick, Elias, Isaias, Kellen, Elijah, and Regina.

Spelling list A: brat, gruff, trap, brag, grab, trash, brim, grin, track, brick; challenge: because, again

List B: bigger, biggest, colder, coldest, smaller, smallest, newer, newest, louder, loudest; challenge: Valentine's Day and President's Day

**If you have a busy night, just do 2 pages the next night.  I'm also asking that students read 100 minutes/week, so you can choose how you do that. 

Here are some helpful websites to help you understand literacy expectations and assessments in first grade as well as sight word lists.  I'm posting the links on this page for your reference.  Thanks Monique!

http://classrooms.tacoma.k12.wa.us/bpes/amichaels/reading-standards-testing-info: great explanation of the expectations of first grade literacy

http://classrooms.tacoma.k12.wa.us/bpes/amichaels/documents: You can find sight word lists that you can print out and practice.  There are also some great math helps there as well.  I'll keep looking and adding to my page as I get more adept at it! :)

Also, here is a good link if you want to familiarize yourself with our Common Core Math Standards:http://classrooms.tacoma.k12.wa.us/bpes/amichaels/1st-grade-math-standards .  We have been working on word problems that have the unknown number at the beginning of the problem, in the middle, or at the end.  I have students write 3 blank lines: ___________    __________   _____________ .  We then read the problem and put the first number on the first line, the unknown in a box, and the final number at the end.  Then we add the +, -, and = signs.  It makes it more linear and helps some students..

Remember, students are being asked to bring in their own snacks daily.  This is a change from the signup list I had out the day before school.  If you would like to contribute to our "snack collection" for those who don't bring a snack, I welcome contributions!

Also, if any of you have any children's books on CD that you no longer want, would you send them in?  I'm going to use them as a listening center.  Thank you!

Cathy Woods