Hello 3rd grade families!

Please contact me whenever you have questions, comments, or concerns.
I am looking forward to working with your children throughout this school year. I love working with students and finding their amazing strengths and supporting their needs. You know your child best, if there is a goal  you have or a need you know of, please share that so we can work together to best support your child. 

I will be updating this website monthly regarding projects, assignments, and the general focus of our classroom. 

General Policies

I am asking that your student completes 20 minutes of reading on weeknights. I will be sending home a reading bingo sheet with various genres that your student should be reading. Often times, students only stick to one genre, however in third grade we need readers to be proficient in ALL genres. 

I am also asking that students explain ONE of the math equations completed in the classroom to you at home. This allows students to show their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Students have the opportunity to eat a snack at 1:50pm each day if they pack a healthy option. 


In the classroom, students are expected to be respectful, responsible, ready to learn, and safe. In my classroom, students will have 4 opportunities to change their behavior.
1) Warning from the teacher
2) Think time form completed (and kept at school)
3) Time in the buddy room (4th grade class next door) *
4) Phone call home

*If your student needs time in the buddy room, I will notify you.

If you need to reach me during school hours (7am-4pm) I am available via phone and email.
After school hours, I can be reached via email. I typically check it a few times from 4pm-7am. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out by phone or email at any time.
253-571-6900 (This is the main office number)

 Latanya Jaeger