(Weekly classroom letter and other important classroom information can be found in the "Documents" link)

    My name is Mark Pittrof, and I will be your child’s teacher this school year.  I was born and raised in Mukilteo, Washington and grew up enjoying all that the Northwest has to offer.  I am an avid outdoors-man which includes activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, water skiing and snowboarding.  I chose the profession of teaching because I enjoy dedicating my time to benefit others without looking for a reward except for the smiles and self-confidence one receives by achieving something they thought was not possible.  Challenging myself and striving for excellence keeps life fun and exciting while humbling at the same time.  I enjoy spending time with others and accomplishing goals that seemed impossible.  In my classroom, I challenge students to meet high expectations, which include:

1. Taking risks and challenging yourself.
2. Being prepared and on time.
3. Respect all individuals and school property.
4. Always try your best and you will succeed.
5. Learning should be fun, so take pride in your work.

    As a teacher, I will always strive to improve myself and adjust my teaching methods to meet the needs of my students.  I will recognize student’s cultural, linguistic, and academic diversities and strive to meet their needs in any way possible.  My goal is to bring a positive and open-minded attitude into the classroom and actively involve all students in the learning process.  I want to provide a fun learning environment based on high expectations, which will not restrict my students’ hopes and dreams.