Kindergarten is the best and MOST important year in your child's school life!
This is the year your child learns to love school while developing self-confidence and
self-control, and showing growth socially and emotionally, as well as academically.  It's a year to have fun finding out what school and learning are all about!
Welcome to Kindergarten! 
  We are so excited to be starting another year with new little ones coming to our class!  Many of the children are siblings of other students I've taught, and some of the children come from parents that I taught- years ago!!  This is my 46th year of teaching 5 and 6 year olds!!   All-Day kndg. is the BEST EXPERIENCE for your child!!  We have LOTS of time to do many, many fun things: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art work, field trips, P.E., music, library, recess and all the kndg. activities that make this first year of school so very special!  Teaching is one of the most important jobs I could ever have- I LOVE working with the children.  Come visit us- we're here every day!!!        Lin Riggio 
  We are in class from 8:55-3:30.  That's when we get busy learning and having lots of fun!  Music and P.E. two times a week, and Library meets one time a week.  
 Our 2016-2017 friends:
Sara, Liam, Noah, Landon K., Landon V., Gianna, Timothy, Arlo, Emmett, Mackenzie, Mason, Julianna, Ava, Brody, Kyson, Edward, Jorja, Brextin, Daniel, and Sydney. 
   Registration is going on NOW for the 17/18 school year... I can't believe it!  I know that some parents have already been inquiring about it.  PLEASE let all your friends with little ones know!   Come VISIT us!   We'd love to show you what we're up to!!!  We had an ice skating field trip in December!  Everyone was up on skates!  And then, we went to Round Table Pizza to make our own pizzas for the letter Pp!   We also watched a play at the Pantages Theatre in Feb., and in March, we're off to the Children's Museum for a morning of exploring. We have a few more field trips planned from now until June.  The children have a fun time learning, and I have a lot of fun teaching and learning with them!   Our class excels in reading and reading readiness activities as well math, writing, science, and social studies.      
Last year's 2015-2016 class read almost 4000 books and took tests on them!  About 9 children read more than 250 books each, and one of them got to 300 and one to 350 books!  They are now really GREAT 1st graders!!!  The only problem... they want to come back to Kindergarten!  We're working on the totals of our 2016-17 class now, but we're only half way through the year- we're up to 2000 books now that it's the end of March!
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    See MORE pictures of us in the 2016-17 Pictures section of the "menu" to the left!!!