THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME IS BY EMAIL AT  or by using the contact teacher.
YOU CAN REACH ME BY PHONE AT      571-5144 7:45-8:30 AM OR 2:20-3:300 PM.

Events Tab - View the calander which provides a list of daily homework and updates on other events in the classroom.  Use this tab to check on homework when your student misses school.  Homework is subject to change.  What is assigned in the class is the most current.

Documents Tab- Check on classroom policies.  Print graph paper.

HAC Grades 

Links Tab - Does your student need extra help?  The Links Tab has a link to homework video tutoring.  This great site will provide students with a recap of the examples from class.  A teacher actually walks them through step by step.  You can also access practice tests and quizzes and other resources.  There are also other resources available here.