"Intelligence plus character-that is the goal to education."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

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Mrs. Terry Lynn Thayer
Special and General Education Teacher
Mount Tahoma High School

Classroom: 253-571-3629  MT Room #711

Welcome to Thayer's Corner! 

This Web sites intent is to design something interesting enough for every learner and to deliver new multimedia information in an efficient and timely manner.  Online technology shapes your opinion, shapes your ideas, and shapes your thoughts!  Go to my "Links" page to search for literacies, Internet projects, workshops, and WebQuests that are relevant to the curriculum and have a positive impact on student learning! 

My blueprint of life long learning includes uniqueness, tenacity, creativeness, problem solver, the pursuit of additional education, a love for teaching and coaching. 
As a kid growing up I have always played a variety of sports which instilled in me an open mind, heart, patience, commitment, and persistence.  I learned how to be a team player and I faced and dealt with diversity through many life experiences.  I have had many wonderful role models throughout my life.  Early on in my career I earned an Associates degree in "Arts and Sciences" as well as a "Para Educator Certificate” at Tacoma Community College.  I have a Bachelors degree from Saint Martin's University, in History with a concentration in Psychology.  My four endorsements include: History, Social Studies, Humanities, and Special Education.  I have experience teaching adult students at Tacoma Community College W.I.S.E. Center (Adult Basic Education and GED). 
I have a Professional Certification from Pacific Lutheran University.  I have a M.S. of Science Education in Integrating Technology in the classroom (grades 3-12th). I have been involved in Apex Learning! My most recent endeavor is being selected as an online teacher for Virtual Learning, Tacoma's online 2012 summer school at Stewart Middle School!       

Furthermore, I am excited to be working as a special/general education teacher and team member at Mount Tahoma High School.  I also work with students, parents, colleagues, detention staff, and community members at Pierce County Juvenile Justice Center.

My Mission Statement
My mission is to promote lifelong learning to ensure students' future successes in a diverse, technical, and interdependent world.  I will mentor and advocate student development in their academic needs, and expect high academic achievement through rigorous practices and goal setting. I want students to learn, demonstrate, and defend how to be culturally-competent, tolerate, and celebrate differences.  I want students to know that they are successful, responsible, respectable, and productive citizens in the community.


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