Site Centered Decision Making (SCDM) is a planning and problem-solving process that generates decisions, in feedback to the educational needs of the students at Mount Tahoma High School 

The Decision making process is outlined in the SCDM Bylaws, which can be found on the Documents & Forms page.

The 2017-2018 SCDM Committee Members Are:

Department Reps:

Anneliese Nobles

David Rainbolt

Eva Prieto

Heidi Ewer

John Swofford

Lance Trebilcock

Leo Altamiranda(William Radford)

Linda Rost

Michael Vig

Sanger Chambers

Sue Johnson

Galen House

At-large Reps:

Amber Rudolph

Derek Hall

Lori Breen

Micah West

Rob Rang

Shannon Ergun

Sierra Forde


Administration Rep:

David McColgan 

Student Reps:

Alliyah Jackson

Yejung Jeong


Parent Rep:

Rhonda Stinson



Erin James


 The  2017-2018 regularly scheduled SCDM Meeting dates: 

June 7      September 15       October 13       November 17      December 8      January 12      February 9       March 9       April 13      May 11