I’m proud to announce that the scores from our AP Test are in and we met our goal with multiple students earning grades high enough to earn college credit!

In my 20+ years as a Mount Tahoma teacher and graduate, this is the first time I know of any freshmen T-Birds passing an AP exam, so this truly is a historic accomplishment by the Class of 2021. I'm proudest of our nearly 100% participation. Further, we had one student earn an exceptional score, a remarkable 5 out of 5 on the exam, a grade virtually unheard of for a 9th grader.  

Whether or not you earned the 3 out of 5 or higher that can earn you college credit, I just want to repeat how proud I am of all of you for your commitment last year. It was a pleasure teaching you, especially a topic so important in today's world. I'm eager for a second chance to teach you more on other topics, as well as share this interesting subject matter with this fall's incoming freshmen at Mount Tahoma. 

If you have not yet already, you can check out your score here:  https://apscore.collegeboard.org/scores/  You will need your College Board username and password (which you were given when you took the test) but you can also reset them if you've lost or forgotten them. Email me if you have questions and I can tell you your score (but no one else's). 

Enjoy the rest of your summer before your sophomore year, T-Birds. 

Again, I'm so, so, so proud of you. I'm inspired by you and I miss you... well, kinda. You know how it is... :)