Are you taking Biology with Mrs. James at MTHS?

Are you the parent/guardian of someone taking Biology with Mrs. James at MTHS?



Syllabus - What is the class about? What is expected of students taking the class? How are grades determined? How are late/missing work, make-up tests, retakes handled? 

What's happening in class? - Weekly Planner style calendar showing what we did in class on any given day.

Assignments - Download worksheets, handouts, etc. 

Research Project - Assignments (Focus Worksheets, Experimental Design Write-up) for the scientific research project we are carrying out for the rest of the year.

Notes - Power Points used in class (Notes via SWAY will be on the Links page, Readings used for notes will be on the Assignments page)

Links  - Online resources (tutorials, study aids, etc.) for extra help with what we learn about in class. Links to resources used in specific assignments


Contact Mrs. James: Have a question or concern?  Send an e-mail right from this site.

If e-mail isn't your thing you can also contact Mrs. James by calling her at

(253) 571-3621.

If you call during school hours, you may need to leave a voice mail. Your call will be returned after school hours .