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Assignments - Geometry

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 Assignments - Algebra

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Please note these are very quick review of material covered in class in a 55 minute period, and are intended only as a
helpful review of material learned or extra coverage of material missed due to an absence.

2016/2017  Schedule
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Period 1: Precalculus
Period 2: Precalculus
Period 3: Algebra 3/4
Period 4: Planning
Period 5: Algebra 3/4
Period 6: Algebra 3/4
After School: I am available after school until 3:00 at least 4 days a week for extra help.
Homework help: You can reach me for homework help at 253-242-3550, my google voicemail.
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"A strong grounding in high school mathematics through Algebra II or higher correlates powerfully with access to college, graduation from college and earning in the top quartile of income from employment. The value of such preparation promises to be even greater in the future. The National Science Board indicates that the growth of jobs in the mathematics-intensive science and engineering workforce is outpacing overall job growth by 3:1."
     -Foundations for Success, 
     The National Math Advisory Panel, 
      U.S. Department of Education, March 2008


Links to Resources

Geometry(look under notes)  Algebra1    Algebra2   Precalc
Prentice Hall Worksheets: http://www.dgelman.com/powerpoints/
Animated Precalculus   Miscellaneous
Great Worksheet Locations
Misc Notes
Printer: HP Laserjet 1300n Toner: CTQ2613X; Brother HL-22 Toner: TN-240 or TN-450
Online Book Login: website: successnet.com  User Name: tbirds2015 Password: math2015
extra fraction practice: http://uncw.edu/private/bookowner/all-games/turkey-Gone.html