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CLASS  SCHEDULE  Fall/Spring  2017-18
Period  1:       Bigger Faster Stronger  Wts.   7:35 - 8:29

Period  2:       Bigger Faster Stronger  Wts.  8:34 - 9:28

Period 3:       Swim       9:33 - 10:33

Period 4:        Plan       10:38 - 11:32

Lunch:            2nd  lunch   11:37 - 12:07

Period 5:        Life Guarding    12:12 - 1:06

Period 6:        Swim      1:11- 2:05
Period 7:       Bigger Faster Stronger Wts. 2:30 - 3:40  (M -TH)

Lunch:                      11:37 - 12:07

After School:           2:05 - 2:15  ( or leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP)

Fridays   2:15 -3:00 in the weight room

Note:  Must be arranged with the instructor based on schedule...

1st  Offense:    Verbal warning from teacher

2nd  Offense:    Detention and phone call home

3rd  Offense:    Detention and phone call home

4th  Offense:    Office referral

1.    Students will not be allowed in locker room area after the tardy bell has rung
2.    Do not share your locker # and/or lock combination with anyone other than staff
3.    Do not bring valuables to the locker room. If you do, the staff will secure for you
4.    Check that your lock/locker are locked prior to going to your P.E. class
5.    Report all thefts to the P.E. staff ASAP

Daily participation and attendance are important components of all physical education/wellness classes at Mount Tahoma. Each student must be actively participating in class daily in order to credit for the semester.

* Accumulate numerous non-participation days (too many lost points to earn credit)
* Non-participation's include absences from class and non-suits
* Excused absences and excused non-suits will be allowed to be made-up during an optional make-up time/day
* Students must  suit-up and actively participate daily in order to earn at least the necessary 66%  to be eligible to earn credit for the semester
* Students  need to be aware that having 12 non-participation days without makeups completed, could result in loss of credit for the semester due to not earning the necessary 66% minimum point total
* Note: On the 2nd and 3rd unexcused non-suits parents will be called and a detention assigned. On the 4th one a detention and office discipline referral will occur

Grades will be based on the following percentages:  65% participation, 20%  written knowledge mid-term and final exams, 10 % pre/post fitness test results, and 5% practical 20 min. run/walk final 

92 - 100  =  A
84-91  =  B
74 - 83  =  C
66 - 73  =  D
0 - 65  = E

No cell phones or Ipods are allowed during class time. Non compliance results as follows:
1) one verbal warning
2) device collected by teacher, labeled and secured
3) parents called to come and collect the device (only released to parent/guardian)

All make-ups will be arranged and completed with Mr. Swofford or another Phys. Ed. teacher

* Presidential Physical Fitness Test results (recording sheet)
* Cardio-log
* Body composition
* Lifetime Fitness Plan
* Personal Goals/ Fitness Assessment

This class will give students the opportunity to use a rotational set-rep system of strength weight training, that rotates the weekly set-rep prescriptions so the student/athlete can set records on a daily basis, and It incorporates weekly sprinting drills and plyo-metrics to push them to get bigger, faster, and stronger.
This class will give students the opportunity to learn appropriate swimming stroke technique, proper diving form, and to participate in a large variety of water sports, while increasing cardio respiratory and muscular endurance, as well as muscular strength and flexibility. 
This class is designed for students that want to earn their national RX certification as a lifeguard. Swimming skill, life-saving skills in H2O, CPR and First Aid will be heavily focused on throughout this class. Students are required to swim 500 yards w/o aid, and be at least 15 yrs. old to take class. Time will be spent in the pool and classroom learning proper techniques and course material.