Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students

ANNOUNCEMENT for 6th Grade: T 11.21.17: Scores for the Greenhouse Effect Poster are up in HAC.  Students who did not meet standard (a D or less) are advised to re-do the poster, OR write a one page description of the Greenhouse Effect (students who earned a C may re-do the poster at their discretion). The guidelines for the Greenhouse Effects Poster information sheet and the scoring guide are both on the "documents page".    The re-do is due on Friday December 1st. Students are expected to work on this out of class time. I am available for extra help during lunches and after school by appointment. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: T 11.7.17: Today we started the   Solar Heating and Greenhouse Gases research and poster project (the info sheet and the scoring guide are  on the "documents" page). The project is worth 20 points, and will be scored as a summative test (this category is worth 70% of the grade).  Students may do the project with a partner in the same class period or work alone; each individual student must record their research work  in their notebooks. The project is due for presenting on Weds.11.15.17. We are using the class time until then to research the poster facts and create the poster. It may be necessary to work at home between now and Wednesday to complete the project. 

 Welcome back!  This website should be helpful keeping students and parents caught up about what is happening in our science classes. I use the following tabs:

Daily Update: A list of the daily activities and homework assignments for my classes, as well as dates for upcoming quizzes and tests.

Science Links:links related to science topics in class or useful web resources.

Quizzes and Surveys: digital quizzes and occasionally surveys organized by period.

Documents: downloadable copies of some printed materials used in class, including class guidelines, grade level standards, worksheets, etc.  

Class Guidelines and Grading: information about the course outline, grading policy, make up work, and class behavior expectations.

Contact: a page to contact me through school district email. Contact Tip: When sending teachers emails, please include the full name of the student (especially if their last name is different than yours)  and the period they have that class. We often get emails referring to "Billy", and we have three "Billys" in our group of 140 kids, and it can be difficult to determine which student you mean right away. :) 

Let's have a great year at Meeker,

Ms. Jensen