Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students

This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count!  This is a great opportunity to volunteer in your community and gather scientific data about bird populations. During President's Day Weekend, volunteers can count species of birds wherever you are and submit the numbers to the Great Backyard Bird Count website. Visit the website for more information, including how to participate, bird checklists, and learning about the birds in your area: http://gbbc.birdcount.org/  (cut and paste into your browser if the link is broken). 

I have refined the categories in HAC; Formative Assessment consists of quizzes, lab work, daily activities and other ways to check a student's learning progress, and is worth 30% of the grade; Summative Assessment consists of unit tests and projects that show what students have learned as a result of their formative work, and is worth 70% of the grade. Performance refers to scores that we need to keep track of but do not need to include for the report card grade such as pre-tests, safety and behavior assessments, etc.

Documents Page: new documents will be posted with both the grade level and unit name in the filter. This may help students and parents find what they need. 

Contact Tip: When sending teachers emails, please include the full name of the student (especially if their last name is different than yours)  and the period they have that class. We often get emails referring to "Billy", and we have three "Billys" in our group of 140 kids, and it can be difficult to determine which student you mean right away. :)

Grade Update Coming Soon! I usually have grades updated by now; however, because a number of students will be changing schedules early next week , I am waiting until after Tuesday 9.27 to load them. When students change classes, their grades also need to be re-entered into a different class grade book, which can be a time consuming process. If you have questions or would like a progress update before then, please feel free to contact me.

I teach 6th grade Science periods 1 and 2, and 7th Grade Science periods 3,4,and 6 this year. I have 5th period planning.

This website should be helpful keeping students and parents caught up about what is happening in our science classes. On this website I use the following tabs:  

Daily Update: A list of the daily activities and homework assignments for my classes, as well as dates for upcoming quizzes and tests.

Documents: downloadable copies of some printed materials used in class, including class guidelines, grade level standards, worksheets, etc.  

Contact: a page to contact me through school district email.