Dear Parents,

Students class grades were up-dated and up-loaded today. (W28 grades entered-(2 test grades). Also, two test grades on Research-1 and Research-2. And lastly, Class Grade one of this last quarter. Parents, as we enter the last and most difficult learning quarter, please keep students focused, on-task and completing work on time. Most grades will historically drop.

SEE NEW NIGHTLY HOMEWORK POSTED EACH DAY IN DAILY LESSON PLANS. Students are required to still document each nightly (30) minutes work session with parent initials. Complete all unfinished work in (W28) .

 Students will write a weekly five paragraph essay following  the below daily writing schedule:

FRIDAY NIGHT-Write (P1) paragraph one of assigned essay topic. "My Sixth Grade Experience." Choose three positive sub-topics.

MONDAY NIGHT-Write (P2) paragraph two of assigned essay topic.

TUESDAY NIGHT-Write (P3) paragraph three of assigned essay topic.

 WEDNESDAY NIGHT-Write (P4) paragraph four of assigned essay topic.

THURSDAY NIGHT-Write (P5) paragraph five of assigned essay topic.

NOTE: All weekly essays can be (handwritten or typed) and are due on the following Friday. Students will "Think-Pair-Share" essays. I will assign a new topic and students will repeat above weekly writing schedule .  Each weekly essay will count as (50%) of your weekly class grade.


illustrations: Students will create a six-sectioned,equally spaced illustrations chart of their personal narratives. Space one-Students will create a book cover for their personal narratives. (Include the title of personal narratives, student names, teacher name and a large illustration that reflects the theme of the personal narratives or an important idea)  Spaces (2-3) Students Will create an illustration in each space that reflects a themes or other ideas in the beginning of their personal narratives.  Space four: Students Will create an illustration in the space that reflects a theme or other idea in the beginning of their personal narratives.  Space five:  Students Will create an illustration in the space that reflects a theme or other idea in the middle of their personal narratives. Space six- Students will create a back book cover and: a) write a five sentence summary about your personal narrative. b) Create a large illustration that reflects a theme or other idea in your personal narrative. c) You must add one example of monologue or dialogue in each illustration. d) Add color, other decorative designs, etc. (optional) 4) Create a plot diagram on your short story. Add five rising and falling actions. 

1) Student will read independently for (30)-thirty minutes each school night. (M-F) (suspended)

2) Discover a new vocabulary word or phrase or review a difficult one and write it down.

3) Define the new vocabulary word or phrase.

4) Write a sentence that contains the new vocabulary word or phrase. (Minimum of six words)

5) Fill out reading log sheet. Have a parent/guardian initial.

The nightly reading log sheets continues until the end of a current month. Reading log sheets and vocabulary  words are due the first school day of the following month.


 Mr. Ken Roberts

Sixth grade ELA teacher

253.571.6540 (school)