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This is your chance to get a special spot in this years yearbook.  Submit your baby picture and/or vacation picture so we can include them in the 2017-2018 yearbook!  Please email the picture, student name, and location (vacation picture only...don't need to know where the baby picture was taken) to jklanck@tacoma.k12.wa.us .  Please make sure all pictures are appropriate, baby pictures are actual baby pictures (not above 2 years old), and are not excessively blurry.  If you have any questions, please email me.  Space is limited, so don't wait...get the pictures in early!

LOTS of changes coming to the yearbook this year: 

-We are increasing the number of pages from 56 to 128 

-EVERY Mason student will be in the yearbook 3-4 times (possibly more depending on activities).  **LATE arrivals might only be in 1-2 times....

-Purchase price will be reduced (if you order between now and March1st) 

 Yearbook pricing will be variable this year.  Here are the prices for the different bands of time: 
  • Until December 15 - $25.00 

  • December 15th to March 1st - $30.00 

  • After March1st (if any books remain) - $35.00

We are ordering 450 books this year.  Last year we sold 425 books, and with the addition of the enhancements above, it is possible we might sell out.  To ensure you get a yearbook, make sure you order early!