Please visit the "What we are Learning" page for the weekly activities and the Documents page if you need to view/print the student workbook.

SAVE THIS contains videos of EVERY lesson in our EngageNY book...just in case you are absent or need to see something a second time!

Link to Access Grades -

To update your name/address/phone number/email address/etc - email sbailey1@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US

General "tidbits" of important information

  • Students can retake any assessment
  • Before and after school support times are listed on the front board in the classroom, and under the "What we are learning" link to the left
  • If you need to contact is best (I rarely answer the phone since I am usually working with kids...and rarely check voicemails)
  • Grades are updated on Fridays, and this website is updated on Mondays

Mr. K