Here is the general outline for the year!

  • Heroes Unit
    • Narrative Essay
    • Definition Essay
  • Utopia Unit
    • Expository Essay
    • Argumentative Essay
  • Holocaust Unit
    • Literature Circle Presentation 
    • Multimedia Campaign
  • Humor Unit
    • Analyze humorous play
    • Performance

Homework/Classwork (check side link for classwork too)

To see weekly updates on classwork and homework, please look at the calendar located under the left side, "classwork & HW".  Also, I will send out updates to students through remind.com (sends them a text/message directly to their phone, please see me for details).

Springboard Logins

For the springboard site, each student will have their own login and password, and a code meant specifically for their period.  Please email me if you have difficulties or need the code.  I am not listing them here for privacy reasons. 

Social Studies Site

Looking for social studies? Click here.