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H o m e  A c c e s s  C e n t e r  (HAC)

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C e r a m i c s

In this semester-long class, 7th and 8th grade ceramic students learn the three basic clay hand-building techniques - pinch, slab and coil. They also develop the skills necessary to throw a pot on a pottery wheel. Students will become familiar with the firing process, creating approximately eight to ten ceramic pieces.

This 2016-17 school year, ceramic classes are offered during first period (first semester) and 6 period (second semester).


B  a  s  i  c     A  r  t

In this semester-long class, 7th and 8th grade visual arts students create a variety of artwork using different art media such as paint, pastels, colored pencils, clay , etc. They learn what the art elements and principles are, as well as develop the basic skills to use them effectively in their own artwork. Art and artists from a variety of time periods and cultures are also studied.


 G r a d i n g  P o l i c y

Grades are determined by how well students meet the visual art standards set forth by the Washington State Common Core Standards and Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR). Rubrics are used to measure student performance and progress. Formative assessments (interactive art notebooks and drawing self-reflections) which account for 20% of the overall grade are checked on Mondays. Summative assessments (art critiques and art assignments) account for the remaining 80%.


L a t e  W o r k  P o l i c y

Students and parents are encouraged to frequently review art grades online. Missing work shows up in the grade book as MI. Students can redo or turn in any missing or late work and earn full credit. Additionally, if a standard has not been met, students may redo an assignment or critique.


A r t  C r i t i q u e s  a n d  F r e e   D r a w  F r i d a y 

Every Monday students are introduced to works of art created in different time periods and cultures. Using a four step critique process, they write an art critique. On Fridays, students draw a picture (subject matter is student selected) then write a self-reflection in their interactive art notebook.



A r t  A s s i g n m e n t s

Tuesday through Thursday, art students create artwork using a variety of art media (pencil, paint, colored pencils, markers, pastels, wire, clay and paper mache). To nurture each student's artistic growth, mastering basic art concepts and effectively using the art elements and design principles is emphasized.



C l a s s  S c h e d u l e

Semester 1

Period 1 - Ceramics
Period 2 - Basic Art
Period 3 - Planning
Period 4 - Basic Art
Period 5 - Basic Art
Period 6 - Basic Art