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Welcome to Mrs. Sylvia Wilson's First Grade Class at Mann Elementary!  Please feel free to contact me at swilson@tacoma.k12.wa.us or by phone at (253) 571-6318. If you need to get a message to me urgently during school hours, please contact the main office at (253) 571-6300.


~Four Weeks Left!! * Please try to have your student on time every day, so we can try to earn our Ice Cream Party or Pizza Party from Mr. Jensen! We need 6 more days of 100% on-time attendance J

Thank You Chaperones! What a great day at the zoo- the students (and grown-ups alike) had a blast!! First Grade Field Trip to the Point Defiance Zoo was a Big Success thanks to you!

The final i-Ready Growth Monitoring of the year will take place on Tuesday, April 25. Don't forget to help our young learners get plenty of rest and a healthy breakfast! Our final Diagnostic i-Ready test will take place during the last weeks of school, in June!  

What's New? Monday Mail, instead of Friday Folders! This will allow me time after the end of the week to prepare the new bi-weekly Student Progress Updates that I will be sending home every other Monday!

Check out our artwork in the Gallery!

New Donorschoose.org project is up, Please Share: 


DONORSCHOOSE UPDATE: Three projects have recently been fully funded, and I've put together a new one! Please see the latest newsletter for details on the STEAM boxes and MakerSpace in the works now.

FUNDED!! Our new comics are on the way! Thank you to our very generous donors!! https://www.donorschoose.org/project/wham-bam-onomatopoeias/2406345/?rf=link-siteshare-2017-01-teacher-teacher_2529846&challengeid=20477371



*Monday Mail Folders: These need to be returned to school, empty, the following Monday! Thanks for your continuing support from home. :) *If your student has been bringing home a stapled packet on Mondays, please take a look around for that green folder labeled, "Friday Folder."
*Attendance: Our principal, Mr. Jensen, is throwing either a pizza party or ice cream party for classes that have 100% on-time attendance on 8 separate days. For each 100% attendance day, we will be adding a letter to a banner that spells out "MUSTANGS" - We have still not added any letters!

What's New in Room 18?

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

We have some exciting, integrated project-based learning on the way in science/math/social studies! We recently created these integrated math/art projects:





FLEXIBLE SEATING! Thanks to a successful donorschoose.org campaign, fully funded by Target, we have some wonderful alternative seating options available in our classroom! Students get to select their own seating each morning, choosing from many alternatives to the hard plastic chair. Options include balance balls, balance ball chairs, wobble cushions, bike pedals, coffee table-height workspaces with floor cushions, and, of course... if they choose... a plain, old hard plastic chair!