Success in School

Tacoma School District has 4 goals that our school is dedicated to: academic excellence, partnership, early learning, and safety. To meet individual needs or differentiate instruction at all ages and stages, we are looking at all students in terms of their interests, learning profiles (styles), and readiness.

Success in school in the areas of language, social/emotional, physical, and intellectual skills depends on consistency and structure from the very early years of childhood at home and at school.  We work with the parents as a team that communicates needs, concerns, and growth.  Attendance is so very important in acquiring new skills!  Mann Mustangs are respectful, responsible, safe, and kind.  In the classroom, we use visual support for verbal messages.  The staff stays in close communication with the families when your child is doing great or when we need to work together on a consistent game plan.  We are here to support each other!