Senior Seminar:

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Welcome to 9th Language Arts and Senior Seminar at Lincoln High School.  This year we will develop our skills as critical thinkers, readers and writers as we enter the conversations that matter in our community and world.  

Read more about our class on our class syllabus.

Phone: 253.571.6718

E-mail: (Parents/families: email me to sign up for regular class updates on student omework and assignments)

Twitter: @LHS_LeTourneau

Ms. LeTourneau's 2017-18 Schedule:

1st Period: 9th Language Arts (Room 218)

2nd Period: Senior English (w/ Bockus, Room 206)

3rd Period: PLAN (Room 218)

4th & 5th Period: AP Language Inclusion w/ Hanawalt (Room 226)

Seminar: Room 218

6th Period: 11th Honors English w/ Hanawalt (Room 226)