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Contact: llarson2@tacoma.k12.wa.us     253-571-6764

Daily Schedule:

6:30-7:30am: available for morning assistance or conferences (please schedule in advance to ensure availability)

 8:35-9:30 - 2nd period: English

9:35-10:30 - Seminar

11:10-12:05 - 3rd Period: English 

 12:10-1:05 - 4th period: English

1:10-2:05 - 5th period: Plan

2:10-3:05 - 6th period: Drama

3:15-5 (Monday-Thursday) - Theatre/Film Club (Fall) Musical Rehearsal (Spring)

Freshman Honors English: 

In English, we will explore what it means to "Come of Age" in a challenging world. In order to better understand this theme, we will read some remarkable texts, respond to these texts in writing by using evidence and making inferences, and develop our speaking and listening abilities by collaborating with peers and presenting in front of the class.


Studying the theatre arts can help to prepare students for life after high school. Drama helps students develop skills in communication, collaboration, listening, analysis, confidence, creativity, risk taking, perseverance, integrity, and dedication. If you are not already in drama, stop by 7th period and see how you can get involved!