During this 2017-2018 school year I want to encourage students to be "INTENTIONAL ABOUT LEARNING". Intentional means (on purpose).  Whatever the mind is consumed by controls the mind. Therefore focus your energies on being  successful with the understanding that "SUCCESS IS INTENTIONAL".  That means if you intend on being successful your actions (intent) will demonstrate it.  Too many students have an "I DON'T CARE ATTITUDE" and as a result find themselves behind in classes and behind in credits.  It is highly important that students who are behind in classes take advantage of after school credit retrieval and 7th hour classes.  Get themselves back on track and look to be successful.  If the high school environment isn't for them they should look into the possibility of doing 'Running Start'.  That means earn 10 credits and take the ASSET or COMP test for Junior College or Vocational College.  So many young people have to work nowadays, but they ought to still be encouraged to be involved in music, arts, and sports whenever possible.  It helps them in so many ways.   Parents and students alike must understand that anything worth having, is worth working for.  When a student has an attitude to work, it makes overcoming obstacles a WHOLE LOT easier.

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Also Head Girls Track & Field Coach