SAIL  (Self-contained Advanced Individual Learning), is a full-time program for the top 1 percent of students districtwide in grades third, fourth and fifth. Because there are not enough students at each school to constitute a class we selected three host schools across the district. SAIL classes for the  2017-18 school year will be located at Jefferson(Ms. Koukles)Pt. Defiance(Mr.Hartman), Mann(Ms. Furrer), and Browns Point(Ms. Callender) Elementary Schools. Transportation is provided to participating students if needed. Students scoring 130 or above on the NNAT2 screening are generally offered highly capable services in the SAIL program.The curriculum found in regular classrooms is compacted, allowing for in-depth extensions and creative expression. SAIL classrooms are differentiated from traditional classrooms by the intellectual rigor, accelerated pace, autonomous learning, greater depth and breadth of content and structured inquiry.  For more information, TPS Highly Capable Programs, or 253.571.1120.


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