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Musical Performances for 2016-2017

October 15, Saturday: Black Belts and Troubadours perform for Fall Festival

November 3, Thursday at 2 pm: 5th Grade Veteran’s Day Concert: “Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution”

November 16, Wednesday at 2 and 6 pm: 2nd and 3rd Grade Music Concert: “Share Bears” and “Turkey in T-Town”

December 15, Thursday at 2 pm: Kindergarten Winter Concert

February 14th and 15th, Tuesday and Wednesday, 5th Grade Musical, “Neverland” at Tacoma Little Theatre

March 30, Thursday at 2 and 6 pm: 1st Grade Musical - Native American Theme

June 13, Thursday 2 pm: Talent Show

4th Grade Sharing: TBA