Welcome to I.B Biology 3/4!


I believe that all students can be successful...no exceptions!  I believe that success is when we are able to fully engage and thrive in each of these key areas in our life 1) home & family, 2) education & career 3) community & service and 4) hobbies & recreation.  My goal is to help you grow the mindsets, skills and knowledge that will give you the opportunity to find joy, purpose and success.  


Welcome to I.B. Biology!  This is a college level course. The I.B. Diploma Program biology higher level course covers the relationship of structure and function at all levels of complexity. Students learn about cell theory, the chemistry of living things, plant science and genetics, among many other topics to further their understanding of and learning about biology. Throughout this challenging course, students become aware and model how scientists work and communicate with each other through project learning and group work.


  • Every student can be successful...no exceptions
  • Partner with parents and guardians
  • Provide opportunities for success
  • Have high Expectations


Peponi High School (Kenya): High School Diploma

University of Puget Sound: Bachelors in Science

University of Washington: Masters in Education, Emphasis Multicultural Education

Pacific Lutheran University Teaching Certificate

FAMILY: Married with 2 daughters

MY HOBBIES: Soccer,  Rugby,  Hiking,  Pool,  Biking, Hand whistle,  X-boxing


  • Peace Lutheran Church
  • Peace Community Center
  • St Leos
  • People Community Center
  • Hilltop 15th & M
  • Stand for Children
  • Young Life