First Creek Middle School 
    Counseling Center      


Mr. Phillips Counselor


7th(M - Z)  &  8th Grade


The Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:35 AM until 3:10 PM.  The counselor's duty day is from 7:35 AM until 3:10 PM daily.  Please see announcements for weekly updates on events and happenings at First Creek Middle School.
Overview of Counseling Services
·         Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Intervention.
·         Aiding the transition from elementary to middle school, and middle school to high school.
·         Information and classroom instruction regarding harassment, bullying, violence prevention issues, and student needs.
·         Assistance with special education, gifted education, 504 plans, and community referrals and services.
·         Parent and student consultation regarding planning, student needs, programs, academic progress, high school planning, and social growth.
·         Assistance regarding conflict management and social development.

Student Enrollment
Parent/Guardian returns completed enrollment packet with required information ie., Proof of address, Up-to-Date immunization record.
NOTE: Please bring your withdrawal slip, shot record, and grades. If you are a special needs student, please bring a copy of your most recent IEP and assessment. Bringing these documents with you and this will aid in your students registration process.