"No I did not Photoshop these smiley crabs!
When these crabs exuviated (shed their old shell)
this pattern left by nature remained."

 from Mrs. Sanford's & Mrs. Kirklin's
6TH Grade Science & Math Web Page


  In math we are continuing with our current unit, Expressions & Equations.  We are using some of our Learning Lab/Study Skills class to continue with some additional support work with concepts that might need some extra practice.  Please continue to check-in with your child to see how he/she is feeling about math and encourage him/her to do all the practice work that goes along with and supports the learning and to take advantage of re-taking any test where a low score was received. 

In science we have found life!  Students are using microscopes to verify that they have life within their mini-ponds that they created.  It was so exciting to see and hear them as they made their first discoveries.  They will continue to explore the life that exists in their ponds for several more days.  Sadly this is the only time students will work with microscopes until high school.  We want to make sure to provide them plenty of opportunities to explore the world of micro-organisms.  There will be labs throughout this unit that will help to cement the learning that occurs within this unit.  Students enjoy doing labs and the more prepared we are the smoother the labs run.  It is very helpful when you remind your child to always listen and follow the directions as given to insure everything does go smoothly.

Please remember that attendance plays a huge role in the success of your child's learning.  Even being tardy can create a challenge for your child in catching up with what learning they have missed just by being late even by a few minutes. 


mi = missing, work has not been turned in

0 = no points received on assignment

no score = work is not due yet or scores have not yet been entered

E = district's replacement for an F



Mrs. Sanford & Mrs. Kirklin

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