My name is Mrs. Kirby
I've had the pleasure of teaching Edison Eagles since 1995. I always look forward to meeting the family members of my students so I hope you stop by for a visit sometime.

Contact Information

Classroom Phone: (253) 571-1690

(Please use the classroom phone number between 8:15 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.
and after 3:35 p.m. only.)

Office Phone: (253) 571-1700

(Please use the office phone number during the student day)



"Edison Eagles Expectations"
Be Safe...
Listen and follow directions
Be Responsible...
Take care of yourself, your class, your school
Be Respectful...
Respect yourself and others
Be Successful!!!

If your child will be riding the bus, here is a handy link to find the necessary bussing information:

Please be prepared to let me know how your child will be getting home from school (especially on their first day).

If, at any time, your child is to deviate from his/her regular bus riding routine, a parent/guardian must call
office NLT 3:00 to inform them of the change (they will pass the information on to me) or you can send a note with your child informing me of the transportation change. If neither option occurs your child will be placed on his/her original bus. Edison policy is to follow the regular transportation routine unless we have received a timely call or a signed note (from the parent/guardian on file) indicating the change of routine.

-Pick Up-
At the end of the day (3:30) All Edison students, who do not ride the bus, will be released at the fence exit across the Red Rock Area which is parallel to 58th Street. Please physically meet your child at the fence.

Motor Vehicles: Parking is available in the North Parking Lot and along the south side of 58th Street.

Walkers: If you are walking your child home, please be sure to use all crosswalks. Not only will you be teaching your child the importance of personal safety while crossing streets but you will also be supporting the concepts of Safety and Responsibility which we stress in every aspect of our school day.

Early Release: Please sign your child out at the office. I will be notified and will send your child to the office. Please be sure to update your child's file in the office to include any and all persons allowed to pick-up your child from school. Unless a person is on the list and presents appropriate identification (I.D.) your child will not be realesed. Please understand that your child's safety is a high priority here at Edison.