Welcome to Ms. Brown's Website 2014 - 2015.

Ms. Brown is gone from Wed 12/03 - Fri 12/05. She will return on Monday 12/8. All assignments are to be completed in class. However, in the even you are absent or unable to complete the assignment, Ms. Brown will check work on Monday 12/8 (A-Day) and Tuesday 12/9 (B-Day). All classes can expect an assessment next week 12/8 - 12/12.


CRAFT FAIR is coming 12/12/14! 

We have an exciting year ahead of us! Ms. Rossi & my homerooms make up the Air Tribe. Ms. Tran & Ms. Wynne make up the  Water Tribe.

Mrs. Brown are the Hummingbirds.

Ms. Rossi are the  Ravens.

Ms. Tran are the Otters.

Ms. Wynne are the Orcas.

humming bird picture.jpg



Announcements - Include: Ms. Brown's absences, folder check dates, quiz/test dates, & morning help procedures. 

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This is a calendar of upcoming events.

Links - OSPI & Prentice Hall

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Practice Quizzes - I may put some practice problems on but at this time I am not using this.