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Posted by Rowan Carrick on September 11, 2016 at 3:46pm

Welcome to the Carrick Classroom Blog! Read on to see some of the adventures we've had this year at Bryant Montessori...

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A couple pics of the board from Friday
Posted by Rowan Carrick on May 07, 2017 at 6:56pm

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The kids' math skills and number sense just keeps growing... the other day they  figured out that ten less than 8 is -2... I told them we couldn't get into negative numbers yet but they insisted ;)

Poetry Projects and More Morning Math!
Posted by Rowan Carrick on April 30, 2017 at 3:37pm

Class Poetry Projects!

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We created this project as a class after Machine Mania and used an old monitor that one of our families donated, repurposed as a "garden!"

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Some more morning math...
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Machine Mania!
Posted by Rowan Carrick on April 18, 2017 at 7:44am

Last Friday we celebrated success by engaging in a morning of Machine MANIA! The kids got to disassemble a bunch of dysfunctional machines after discussing the significance of the 6 simple machines. They used a range of tools and practiced the life mantra "righty tighty lefty loosey" to explore the insides of machines for almost 2 hours and had an awesome time doing it. Here are some great pictures from the morning:

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This week is the school Garden Fair after school on Friday! More info coming home in Thursday folders. Come check out an array of student art, a $5 craft booth experience, a bike peace parade, and more!

Morning Math
Posted by Rowan Carrick on March 31, 2017 at 3:02pm

Just some lovely pictures from this morning's math time - perfect end to last week of school before break.

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Only a Day Away
Posted by Rowan Carrick on March 30, 2017 at 3:40pm

Posting an update on Thursday because I know I'll want to enjoy the afternoon SUN tomorrow! Happy almost-spring-break. The children had a week full of character development (students created and fleshed out their characters/citizens that live in their various countries in the Continent of Carricki). We also finished the Phantom Tollbooth, and began watching the movie version in class. We spent some time talking and writing about how the movie and book compare so far, and students will continue their work comparing and contrasting the two stories tomorrow.

The first week back from Spring break the students will be participating in what we have named MACHINE MANIA - a day where they will get to take apart old machines (computers, blenders, stereo systems) using various tools to discover how the parts inside fit together! I am still accepting any donations that you are willing to sacrifice to small hands holding hammers/screwdrivers. We are also in need of some extra pairs of safety goggles, gloves, and tool kits! If you are available on April the 14th from 10-1130 or from 1-2pm please let me know if you would be interested in volunteering your time to help support a group of curious kids as they take things apart! We will most likely have small groups take pieces outside (especially if it's a nice day) for part of this.

Also, on that same day I will be continuing a tradition that Ms. Fullerton began called "Give Away," where I bring a large amount of "stuff" (that I would be donating anyway) that kids get to pick from (don't worry they will have a limit of one or two items!) to take with them. The objects they will have to choose from might range from boxes of different shapes, to bouquets of fake flowers, to games and toys. Let me know if you have any questions about either Machine Mania or Giveaway.

Students also have math packets to complete over the break, please try and make sure they are returned!!! Thank you for your support -- have a great break

Here are some photos of a few characters students are working on

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We the Kids...
Posted by Rowan Carrick on March 17, 2017 at 12:14pm

After asking some awesome questions about the constitution last week, students got to dive deeper into studying some of the ideas in the constitution this week. They were especially excited to read and examine some authentic copies of the US Constitution on Wednesday, and had a lot of fun trying to read the tiny cursive writing.

photo a4_zpsvp5numnu.jpg

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Students then began writing their OWN constitutions for their countries, including a preamble, articles and bill of rights. Here are a couple pictures of some of the final drafts...

photo a8_zpsi2o2i419.jpg

photo a6_zpspaqzactr.jpg

I have been so amazed at the critical thinking and work that this class is capable of. They are a fantastic group of kids. Some other highlights of the week included reading more of the Phantom Tollbooth, learning about prefixes, and reviewing quadrilaterals and some of our chants to help remember the different properties. Next week we will start to think about the different kinds of triangles! 

Monday the 20th is PICTURE DAY! Your child should have gotten an order form in their Thursday folder. 

Have a great weekend!



Constitution Questions
Posted by Rowan Carrick on March 10, 2017 at 3:47pm

This week students practiced asking questions to help identify what they didn't know and what they wanted to know about the United States Constitution. One of the ways I believe is the most powerful to engage students and allow them to construct and explore knowledge is by teaching them to come up with questions that will help them figure out what they want to know!

Students followed the Four Important Rules of Question Asking:
1. Ask as many questions as you can.
2. Don't stop to talk about, judge or answer the questions.
3. Write down every question exactly as its said.
4. Change any non-question into a question.

Students practiced this process in response to the following statement: While the United States Constitution is a document full of rules and laws that people have agreed to follow, it also protects the citizens of the United States.

In small groups of students 1st-3rd grades, they generated as many questions as they could around the statement above. While some students couldn't stop writing, others really struggled to begin to write down questions. With support, students who initially had felt frustrated by the concept of generating questions eventually began to think about what kinds of questions they might ask (using question words like who, what, how, why, where, etc.) Once they had identified some of the information around the statement that they were missing, asking questions became less daunting. Questions ranged across the board, and students did a great job following all four rules.

Here are some of the questions students generated. As you will see, the questions show that students were coming from a huge range of places in terms of background knowledge and curiosity about various topics:::

- What is the constitution?
- Why is there a constitution? Why do we need it? Do we need it?
- How does it protect the people?
- Why and how does the law protect us?
- Why do they take care of the citizens?
- Are the rules important?
- Why are the laws important?
- Why are there rules and laws?
- What is the constitution for?

- How did the constitution start?
- How long has the constitution been around?
- What are the rules? Why do we have to follow the rules? Who makes the rules?
- Why did the rules get made?
- Why do we need the rules? Why do they make rules?
- Are there different rules in different places? How many rules are there?
- When was the constitution written? Why is it important?
- Where was the constitution 10 years ago? Where is it now?
- Why is there law?
- What are the amendments? What is the Bill of Rights?
- Why is the America bird a eagle?
- How do the rules protect the citizens of the USA?
- Why did Donald Trump get elected?
- Why do we have to go to school?
- Why do we have to listen to people?
- Why do you have to wear shoes?
- Do we have to listen to the rules?
- Why do people choose to have war?
- Will there ever be peace among the world?
- Why do you have to get jobs?
- Why can't you watch TV all the time?
- Why can't kids drink beer or coffee?
- Who builds houses?
- Why do people sacrifice themselves for the army?
- What was the first state?
- Why do we care about rules?
- How many people break the rules?
- Why do some animals lay eggs?
- When did humans start having laws and rules?
- Why do we have to make rules?
- What are rules?
- What does the constitution mean? Why is the constitution even there?
- Why is the United States a thing?
- Can there still be laws even if the whole country doesn't agree?

Many of these fantastic questions will be used as a foundation for our study of the US constitution next week, as well as a basis for students' writing their own constitutions for the fictional countries they are creating. Have a fantastic weekend.

Country Creation and Dr. Seuss
Posted by Rowan Carrick on March 05, 2017 at 6:21pm

This last week we celebrated Dr. Seuss'  birthday by reading some books and hearing some Readers Theater versions of books! A few weeks ago students began a new Social Studies integrated unit where they are creating their OWN COUNTRIES within the semi-fictional continent of Carricki (formerly the state of Washington).

Students will spend the next few weeks continuing their research around the environment/geography/climate of Washington state as well as some of the history (especially focusing on Native American history in WA, with the Since Time Immemorial curriculum as a guiding force behind 3rd graders' reading and research). They will begin this week to form some ideas about what the kinds of food, shelter, clothing, and tools their countries will offer (based on their research) as well as begin to learn about the US constitution as a basis for writing their own constitutions for their countries. Students are working on a mural/frieze to display some of the features of their "new" countries, and will begin to create their own characters in a few weeks.

Students are continuing to love the algebra we are doing every morning, and last week figured out that 6x + 6x is the same as 12x! It has been so exciting and eye opening to see just how far students, even some of our first grade class members, have been able to stretch their minds to think about these theoretical and challenging concepts. 3rd graders will begin to explore the concept of fractions this week, as 2nd grade students continue to explore addition and subtraction with trading (numbers getting bigger) and 1st graders start to learn to use their trading skills within word problems.

I continue to try and solve the problem that is --- this site will not let me upload any pictures, no matter what format they are in! If anyone has suggestions around this, please let me know :)

Country Reports, STEAM and algebra!
Posted by Rowan Carrick on February 13, 2017 at 8:11am

My week has been crazy - my carpeted basement flooded a week ago (the night before our Snow Day!) so the whole week and this weekend has been spent helping some great guys use industrial size fans and dehumidifiers to dry it out. But now it's dry! Here are some pictures from last week - students dove into studying and writing about different countries around the world, as well as creating some engineering projects from entirely recycled materials. Right away, below, is a picture of the type of algebra problems/puzzles we have begun to solve as a class every day! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 8.05.14 AM_2.png

A few samples of our COUNTRY REPORTS
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 8.06.17 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-13 at 8.06.29 AM.png