Specialists' Schedule 






Friday Packets

Every Friday I will send home a packet with a classroom newsletter and your child's graded work from the week.  A new spelling list will be in the packet to study over the weekend.  Pretests are on Fridays and tests are on Thursdays.  If your child has 100% on Friday's spelling pretest, they do not need to take the test next Thursday.


The 3rd graders have a snack time every morning which is not mandatory.  (No chips or dessert items.)


Birthday treats are great!  Let me know if you are planning to do anything for your child's birthday so we are prepared.  If there are any summer birthdays, we will have a celebration in June before school is out.  There are 25 students in the afternoon when we have birthday treats.  **We do have a student with an allergy to peanuts.


If your child is ill or on vacation, I will put together his/her work for them to make up.  If you know you are going on vacation, please let me know at least a week ahead of time so I can put together work for your child.