Studying  Spelling is considered homework. Look for a new lists on Monday coming home.  
 You can always review at home on Spelling City. It is linked for you. Below is the last pelling list of the year. Both groups will have this final list.

Look for test results coming home Mondays. Words are listed on Spelling City and below. If your student misplaces a list, it is always here by Tuesday. Most students fit into the basic second grade group. I give several pretests to determine grouping.

Lists definitely become more difficult as the year progresses.


There are several children that will be in a different spelling group. Group one is the second grade list used by most students.

Group 1  Lesson 30: midair, misplace, mislead, midway, misprint, midday, midweek, misbehave, midyear, mismatch, misdeed, mistake, midstream, midnight, misehavior

Groups II Lesson 29: Students will use the group I this week

Spelling City will remain on the site over the summer for review use. I teach a study method your child will practice in class that is multi sensory. Write the word, look at it, say the word stretching it, copy the word below the first word, picture the word in your mind, cover to spell it correctly. Never write words repeatedly next to each other. That is a poor way to study and doesn't help with patterning.