Welcome Students and families to Mrs. Swensen’s 8th grade science page.

In the 8th grade we are going to be talking about 3 major themes in science, Properties of matter (POM), Earth history, and space science. Respectfully in that order. Throughout the year we will have periodic MSP practices as well to help the students remember any knowledge they should have accumulated throughout the years in middle school.

Every day in class a student in Mrs. Swensen’s class should have a Science notebook and a pencil. These notebooks should be open and ready at a moment’s notice to take notes for when science facts and information pop up.  Most of the time I have the students keep them in my room but occasionally they will take them home to work on them for homework or study for a test. When you do get to see them they should look like this…



This is my example notebook when a student is gone they can look back at my notebook and copy what they have missed. Every day should have a learning target a Do Now and a summary on the left side. The right side should have any information that they acquired though out this one day. One page of the notebook tells a story of the day in science. Each day should have a full story.

[ ] 10 [ ] 24 [ ] 7???? What is this? When students return to their notes periodically they will retain the knowledge. In the last 10 minutes of class the students should complete their reflection. Then 24 hours later they should go back to that day and complete the Summary. This should be on what they remember of their lesson that day. Then 7 days later they should revisit the same notes and draw a picture below the reflection. This will insure that they are retaining the information because they are returning to the notes.

My schedule for the day is 8th grade science periods 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Period 5 is my plan and I am usually in my classroom during this time. You can contact me via phone @ (253) 571 – 5042 or you can go to the contact me page and email me I check it every school day.

I am very excited to be your teacher for 8th grade science and look forward to updating my site as the scool year goes on with all the cool things we will get to do.