Maestra Keiri Prieto

Teléfono: 253-571-5038

Email: kprieto@tacoma.k12.wa.us



La maestra

Señora Prieto: I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and learned to speak Spanish as a young child. I actually never lived in Mexico because my parents brought me to the United States when I was a baby. I've lived in Washington my whole life and in Tacoma for the past 17 years. I went to Mann elementary, Stewart middle school and Lincoln high school. I'm really excited to meet my new students and hope to make Spanish class fun and exciting!

High School Credit

Middle School is a great time to start learning Spanish!  When learning a new language, starting younger is often better! Students who take Spanish in 7th and 8th grades can test out of the first year high school Spanish.  Students who take Spanish in 6th grade will still need to take Spanish 2 more years if they wish to receive high school credit. 


Most materials will be included in the Baker Middle School Binder packet or will be distributed in class.

  • ¡Exprésate    1A  1B! Textbook
  • Composition notebook for Cornell Notes
  • Pens,      black/blue and red or green
  • Highlighters
  • 3x5      index cards

Las Calificaciones/Grades

Assignments are graded according to how well a student demonstrates understanding or mastery of the related standards. The ACTFL Language Proficiency Standards are used to assess student performance in various communicative tasks throughout the year.

 Students will be graded on their ability to meet or exceed the classroom standards and their growth toward these standards. To measure this growth, you will find only two items in the gradebook which are the following:

            FORMATIVE: homework, exit slips, practice, rough drafts, class work etc.

            SUMMATIVE: quizzes, tests, presentations, projects etc.















No   Evidence


 Students need to perform at these levels in order to receive the following grades.


Novice High (N4)


Novice Mid (N3)


Novice Mid (N2)


Novice Low (N1)


 Español solamente/Spanish Only

One goal in Spanish class is to let students hear and practice as much Spanish as possible.  This works best when very little English is spoken!  During periods of Spanish only, we will play games to lighten the mood and keep students engaged.  Participation is key to learning!  Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything the teacher is saying at first.  We will use three non-verbal to communicate:  Act (Actúa), draw (dibuja), describe (describe).  Remember that we as your teachers feel most successful when you succeed.  We’re on your team, and we are glad to help you learn.  Watch the teacher and your classmates for clues and ask question.  Give it your best effort, and ask for help when you need it!

Keys to Success

Class participation, good note taking, homework and class work will help you learn Spanish well practice speaking and understanding Spanish. However, most of your success in learning Spanish will depend on you and your attitude!  Here are some “keys” that will help you achieve these goals.

  1. Respect  your teacher, your classmates, yourself and school property.
  2. Arrive at class on time, prepared and with the daily needed materials, ready to  work.
  3. Be attentive to the lessons and participate appropriately in class and group discussions and games. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. 
  4. Practice speaking Spanish every chance you get! Repeating after the teacher, practicing with classmates and friends, and even speaking Spanish alone      will help you become fluent!
  5. In general, hard work along with appropriate classroom behavior will ensure your success!

** All other policies listed in your Parent/Student Handbook, such as when you are absent, tardy, disruptive, etc. will be enforced.