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 Welcome to Algebra 8 at Baker Middle School.

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! I'm happy to be back at Baker teaching algebra! I'm looking forward to working with every student this year. Please stay in touch  and ask any questions you have!

Email: kmarks@tacoma.k12.wa.us

Phone: 253.571.5040

We are working in our second unit, Linear Equations. In the last week we:

  • Examined patterns of change and reviewed Proportional Relationships from our work in 7th grade.
  • Looked at how non-proportional relationships are the same and different.
  • Represented linear patterns in tables, equations, and graphs.
  • Identified solutions to linear equations as values of the variables that make the equation true.

This week 10/16-10/20: Slope-This is one of the central ideas of this year. This week we:

  • Defined slope as a number that describes steepness of a graph.
  • Graphs that go up from left to right have a positive slope
  • Graphs that go down from left to right have a negative slope
  • Slope is the ratio of vertical change/horizontal change

What are we doing?

Algebra 8- We are working through Unit 2: Linear Equations. Students can get extra understanding using the links below.

Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships and Solutions to Linear Equations

 Retests and Re-scores

If a student doesn't meet or exceed standard on an assessment or an assignment, they may demonstrate learning and request a re-test if they:

  • Get the help they need to make corrections and demonstrate learning on the targets they did not yet meet.
  • Come before or after school, or at lunch, to show me the new learning on the targets they missed.
  • Ask for a retest on those targets.

Students should do that as soon as they can after the initial assessment.

Introduction to Standards Based Grading- Baker is using a grading system that is based on the work students do that shows how they understand and demonstrate skills on important content standards. Grades in the gradebook will be on 4 performance levels:

Exceeding- Shows thorough understanding of concept or skill and extends beyond requirements of the standard or learning target.
Meeting- Shows complete and correct understanding of the concept and ability to perform the skill identified in the standard or learning target.
 Approaching- Shows partial mastery of knowledge and basic or incomplete understanding of the concept or inconsistent ability to perform the skill identified in the standard or learning target.
 Beginning- Shows serious misconceptions or lack of understanding of the concept or an inability to perform the skill identified in the standard or learning target.
 No evidence, missing- These scores mean there was not enough student work to evaluate knowledge of the standard, or the work was not turned in.

We want all students to be MEETING standard. If they aren't there on an assignment or a summative assessment, have them get help, analyze errors, and come in to do a retake on the standards they aren't yet meeting. Students can ALWAYS improve.



MATH NEWS: Please help your student be prepared with a pencil and paper every day, check their planner and notebook to see what they have been studying. !

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Assignments and Resources-Copies of homework assignments and classwork to help keep caught up.

Homework Help Links-Video links to examples of the work we've been doing if you need to see/hear it again.

If you have any questions, please email at kmarks@tacoma.k12.wa.us or phone at 253.571.5040.

Thank you for supporting Baker Student Mathematicians!!

Ken Marks