Welcome to the Baker Attendance Office. 

Each time a student is absent from school the parent/guardian is required to notify the school by calling the attendance office on 571-5088 or 571-5058.

The parent/guardian may also write a note regarding the reason for the absence for the student to bring to school the next school day.

Students who are absent and return to school with no phone call on record or no note from a parent/guardian will be assigned lunch detention or be issued a three point demerit slip.  This also applies to students who arrive late to school with no note or no phone call made.

Students returning from an absence or who are late to school need to get checked in properly by going to the attendance office window.  They will be issued with a re-entry or a tardy slip as appropriate.

For other attendance questions, please call Mrs. Heizenrader at 253-571-5058 or email mheizen@tacoma.k12.wa.us.