Students and parents, please go to HAC(Home Access Center) for updated information about grades, homework, and important dates. If you need your log in and/or password, please call the school office at 253-571-7428 to speak with Brenda Klein.

Welcome to Mrs. McPartlon's Website
This website will no longer be supported. Please log into Office 365 to access current information. You can do this by going to the district page, clicking on student tab, and click on the white box with the cloud to launch Office 365. You can also access HAC the same way.
Math composition book, spiral ok.



Paper: please replenish throughought the year.


Writing instrument: please replensih throughout the year.
Technology: As needed
Calculators are allowed, but students must show work(steps) at all times.
Student work is turned in everyday and given a participation point on class dojo and graded for quality on HAC. 
ALL students should spend 5 to 55 minutes every night working on homework.

I have planning during period 1st and 6th periods. If you need to reach me, you can email any time. If you would like to call, my number is 571-5346. I prefer not to answer the phone while I am teaching. Please leave me a message, and I will call you back when I am not working with students.
Thanks for visiting,

 Mrs. A. McPartlon
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