Students and parents, please go to HAC(Home Access Center) for updated information about grades, homework, and important dates. If you need your log in and/or password, please call the school office at 253-571-5000.

Welcome to Mrs. McPartlon's Website
Supplies: Purchase AVID Binder with start up supplies for $15 through the main office.
Math composition book: provided.
Math workbook: provided.



Paper: please replenish throughought the year.


Writing instrument: please replensih throughout the year.
Technology: As needed
Calculators are allowed, but students must show work(steps) at all times.
Student work is turned in everyday and given a participation point on class dojo and graded for quality on HAC. 
ALL students should spend 5 to 55 minutes every night working on homework.
Grading Policy:
Baker is implementing standards based grading this school year. What this means is that students are given a grade based on where they perform on a given task or standard. Effort is not enough to pass, unless indicated in the IEP. Be careful when looking up grades in HAC because a "B" might stand for BEGINNING no the grade B. If you have questions about this new grading system, please ask!

Grades/Assignments will be available online through the district website and are updated daily. A blank box means the work is missing. Missing work(assignments and tests) have a HUGE affect on the overall grade because it averages into the overall grade as a 0. However, as soon as work is turned in and graded, it will be replaced (not averaged) with the full score earned with no penalty. Please make up work as soon as possible to get the most accurate grades.

Test/Quiz (85% of overall grade): Students earn a score for the highest box answered correctly. For example, most of the questions on a test are answered correctly, but the answer in the "approaching" box is wrong. The final grade will be a Beginning which is a D grade. Not all questions are written with the same difficulty level so are not equal in points.  Students can take a test over to get a higher score. Once I have evidence that they studied the material (re-do homework, extra practice related to the work, etc), I will allow a re-take. Higher grades on retakes will REPLACE lower test scores(not average).

        Standard                         Grade
    O (Not on standard)                0
    Beginning (B)                        D
    Approaching(A)                      C
    Meeting(M)                            B
    Exceeding(E)                          A

Assignments (15% of overall grade): Although it doesn't count towards the overall grade as heavily, it is important to practice math problems in order to do well on assessments that follow. Homework is mainly graded on completion, not necessarily on accuracy. There is NO penalty for late work.

Completion                Score        Grade
Not done/missing          0              Ewaving_flag.gif
Barely done                  1              E
Somewhat done            2              D+
All done                       3              A 

I teach during periods 1, 2, and 5. I have planning during period 3 and Special Education support during period 4. If you need to reach me, you can email any time. If you would like to call, my number is 571-5004. I prefer not to answer the phone while I am teaching. Please leave me a message, and I will call you back when I am not working with students.
Thanks for visiting,

 Mrs. A. McPartlon
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