Assignments and Activities

Unit 4
1/18 L1 S. 3 and S.5
1/19 L2-3 S.7, 9, and 10
1/22 L4  S.11-13 (homework spend at least 15 minutes working), for Tape Diagram do Dot Diagram instead
1/23 L5 S.14-15 1-8, S.16 all
1/24 L6 S.19-24 1-9, S.25 1-5.  Will need to look at notes on how to follow PEMDAS correctly
1/25 2 worksheets assigned, needs to complete all of app/met worksheet sides and 1/2 of fractions with exponents.  Worksheets and answer key will get posted in useful documents section.
1/29 L7 S.27-29, homework S.30-31 Problems 1-4 
1/30 Quiz
1/31 L8 S.33, S.35-36 example 3, Homework: S.38 5-6
2/1 L10 S. 45- 46 Examples 1-3 All Homework S. 47 All
2/5 L11 S.48-51 Example 1-3 (skip the stuff between the examples), and S.53 closing.  If comfortable, students may challenge themselves further on S.52. Lesson/notes will be continued tomorrow
2/6 L12 S. 52, S.58-59
2/7 L12 S.58-59 - complete each of the 8 problems using the area model
2/8 Review for tomorrows quiz, nothing absent students can make up
2/9 L14 S.64 example 1, S.65 fill in the first 3 boxes using: 5 divided by p, The quotient of g and h, and 23/w, and then complete S.66 all
2/12 L9 S.39-41 Examples 1-7(Only the expressions no models), S.41-43(exercises 1-8), HW S. 44 all
2/13 Updated Word bank in back of notebooks S.69 & 70 HW
2/14 71 a-f (just write expressions only), then spend 15 minutes working on S.72-75 - don't spend extra time past those first 15 minutes
2/15 L17 S.76-77 All
2/16 L18 S.80-81 All
2/20 L19 S.83 Opening Exercise, S.84-85 Example 1-2, S.85 1a-c
2/21 L20 1-3
2/22 Sub/worksheet day, absent students can get worksheet upon return
2/23 Worksheet continued, homework of 30 minutes into any combination of worksheet, L19, and L20

Unit 3
11/27 S.2 graph 3 and it's opposite on both the vertical and horizontal graph. S.3 All
11/28 S.7 Exercise 3-5
11/29 S.11 All
11/30 S.15, S18, and 1-2 problems from S.23
12/1 Study Hall and Retakes
12/4 S.26-27
12/5 S.29: use key words (s.7) in story problems to write inequality statement for each.
12/6 S.33: find key words to identify comparison or subtraction in order to determine if correct or not. 
12/7 S.34: find key words to identify comparison or subtraction in order to determine if correct or not.
12/8 Absent students should read up on absolute value.  Weekend homework S.39 and S.41
12/11 S.52-53 Exercise 1-4: for each table, fill in the table, then below the table write an inequality statement, below that write the absolute value of each, and below that write the absolute values as an inequality statement.  S.55 for students looking for extra practice (Exceeding).
12/12 Read rubric, study, and circle the part of the rubric you think you will score.  Absent students should focus on writing inequalities from word problems (S.7 for vocab, S.11 for writing integers, S.52-53 for writing inequalities) as well as review what absolute value means including key words identifying absolute value (change or a type of distance besides below/above sea level)
12/13 Quiz
12/14 General skills review, nothing to be made up or for homework
12/15 Graphing Practice.  Absent students should review 5th grade graphing skills (if needed, which most do).  Homework is posted in useful documents section, students should complete a bit each day and average one of the two sides each week.
1/4 S. 61 & Correcting only the first section of the winter break homework (Graphing Practice).
1/5 S.65 (all), S.66 (bottom table). Helpful video if you're struggling on reflections
1/8 S.66 correct mistakes and S.69 setup, graph, and label the points
1/9 S.71-73
1/10 S.76 a-b (or c in some classes)
1/11 S.76 a-e + review (absent students can not make it up)
1/17 Center Review for Graphing Test - Rubric and Review Center Questions in useful documents.

Unit 2
10/24 Modeling, day 1: Absent students just need to copy notebook and read notes very carefully.
10/25 Modeling, day 2: Absent students should watch as well as
10/26 S.19-22, no modeling, just turn into a multiplication problem and then solve/simplify, see 2nd video above for extra help if needed.  Homework worksheet posted to useful documents.
10/30 Division with Mixed Numbers: S.37, different classes got to different places.  See useful documents for a screenshot of the problems/answers.  Absent students should complete a minimum of 6 problems from the left column, answers will be in the center column (if you can't find the answer, you either didn't simplify or made a mistake).
10/31 S.37 completed through at least I.  Worksheet given out which needs the first 6 completed and the remaining ones analyzed to determine if multiplication or division problems.
11/1 Make sure 10 problems are completed on the worksheet (so do up through problem 11 since there is no 7)
11/2 S.42 A-C
11/3 S.49 1-4
11/7 S.57-59 1-5 First estimate to get a reasonable answer and then solve through longhand division
11/8 S.64-65 4-7 shifting the decimal
11/9 Review day for Monday's Test.   Homework review posted in useful documents
11/13: Test
11/14: LCM - no homework, absent students will need to check in to see what they missed
11/15: GCF - no homework (for most classes, some got 1 set of numbers to find the GCF for), absent students will need to check in to see what they missed
11/16 Sub day for training.  Worksheet GCF/LCM posted to useful documents, complete 1-5 only.  Some are GCF, some are LCM, make sure you consider which is which.
11/17 Review for Monday's Quiz, worksheet due Monday posted in useful docs, extra practice/help available at
11/20: Test
11/21: Iready Assessment, Thanks Giving Homework



Unit 1

9/8 L1: Every problem/example that has instructions.  "Provided by teacher" means in class only
9/9 L2: Use table on S.5 to complete S.6, Also complete S.7
9/12 L3: S.8 Exercise 2, All of S.9-S.11
9/13 L4: S.13 exercise 1.  For S.14 and S.15 solve each using BOTH tape diagram and C multiplier
9/14 L5: S.18 1-4, can push into S.19
9/15 L5 day 2: worksheet posted to useful documents, S.18 and S.19 should be fully completed
9/18 L7: S.24, 26, and 27 All.  S.27 must be solved using ratios as fractions and multiplying by a C value
9/19 L8: S.29 Exercise 1, S.30 Exercise 3, S.31 Problem Set 1-2
9/20 L9: S.32-36 All
9/21 District Math Testing, absent students will make it up when they return
9/22 District Math Testing, absent students will make it up when they return.  Homework in documents (Freyer Model)
9/25 L10: S.37 Table 1-2, S.38a-e, S.39a, S.41 1-2
9/26 L11: S.42, S43-44 A&B
9/27 Quiz, absent students will make it up the day they return
9/28 L13:  Write an equation for 4 tables (Meeting) or 6 tables (exceeding).  Use the notes posted for help
9/29 S.57 1, S.58 1, S.59 1, S.61 1+write equation for table, S.62 4, S.64 table and graph, S.66 1,2.  No notebook entry today.
10/2 Corrections and in depth conversation about Friday's work.  Nothing absent student can make up.
10/3 L16,17 S.70 PS 1-2, S.73-75
10/4 Practice on the board, nothing an absent student can make up
10/5 L19, example 1-2 (S.79), Exercise 1-3 (S.80-82), for Exceeding also complete page S.83
10/6 L20 S.84 a and 85 b (in notes in the notebook section), S.85 c-d, S>86 f-g.  For exceeding, also do S.87 h, S.88 j, and S.89 1-2.
10/9 L21 S.92 2-10 (conversion rates on S.93).  Must be solved using the way shown here
10/10 L22 S.97 1-7 using cross cancellation (see link above)
10/11 L22 Day 2, nothing can be made up by absent students
10/12 L26 S.114-115
10/13 S.
116 1, 2b S.117 3b, 4b, S.118 1-3, S.120, S.121
10/16 Finding percents through division, absent students should watch and can find practice problems throughout lesson 26
10/17 Study practice for test, nothing absent students can make up
10/18 Study practice for test, nothing absent students can make up
10/20 Test
10/23 Percents Recap, absent students should copy down the notebook and use the method shown in the notes to complete the Percents Practice posted in Useful Documents.