Assignments and Activities

 Unit 2

10/24 Modeling, day 1: Absent students just need to copy notebook and read notes very carefully.
10/25 Modeling, day 2: Absent students should watch as well as
10/26 S.19-22, no modeling, just turn into a multiplication problem and then solve/simplify, see 2nd video above for extra help if needed.  Homework worksheet posted to useful documents.
10/30 Division with Mixed Numbers: S.37, different classes got to different places.  See useful documents for a screenshot of the problems/answers.  Absent students should complete a minimum of 6 problems from the left column, answers will be in the center column (if you can't find the answer, you either didn't simplify or made a mistake).
10/31 S.37 completed through at least I.  Worksheet given out which needs the first 6 completed and the remaining ones analyzed to determine if multiplication or division problems.
11/1 Make sure 10 problems are completed on the worksheet (so do up through problem 11 since there is no 7)
11/2 S.42 A-C
11/3 S.49 1-4
11/7 S.57-59 1-5 First estimate to get a reasonable answer and then solve through longhand division
11/8 S.64-65 4-7 shifting the decimal
11/9 Review day for Monday's Test.   Homework review posted in useful documents
11/13: Test
11/14: LCM - no homework, absent students will need to check in to see what they missed
11/15: GCF - no homework (for most classes, some got 1 set of numbers to find the GCF for), absent students will need to check in to see what they missed
11/16 Sub day for training.  Worksheet GCF/LCM posted to useful documents, complete 1-5 only.  Some are GCF, some are LCM, make sure you consider which is which.
11/17 Review for Monday's Quiz, worksheet due Monday posted in useful docs, extra practice/help available at
11/20: Test
11/21: Iready Assessment, Thanks Giving Homework



Unit 1

9/8 L1: Every problem/example that has instructions.  "Provided by teacher" means in class only
9/9 L2: Use table on S.5 to complete S.6, Also complete S.7
9/12 L3: S.8 Exercise 2, All of S.9-S.11
9/13 L4: S.13 exercise 1.  For S.14 and S.15 solve each using BOTH tape diagram and C multiplier
9/14 L5: S.18 1-4, can push into S.19
9/15 L5 day 2: worksheet posted to useful documents, S.18 and S.19 should be fully completed
9/18 L7: S.24, 26, and 27 All.  S.27 must be solved using ratios as fractions and multiplying by a C value
9/19 L8: S.29 Exercise 1, S.30 Exercise 3, S.31 Problem Set 1-2
9/20 L9: S.32-36 All
9/21 District Math Testing, absent students will make it up when they return
9/22 District Math Testing, absent students will make it up when they return.  Homework in documents (Freyer Model)
9/25 L10: S.37 Table 1-2, S.38a-e, S.39a, S.41 1-2
9/26 L11: S.42, S43-44 A&B
9/27 Quiz, absent students will make it up the day they return
9/28 L13:  Write an equation for 4 tables (Meeting) or 6 tables (exceeding).  Use the notes posted for help
9/29 S.57 1, S.58 1, S.59 1, S.61 1+write equation for table, S.62 4, S.64 table and graph, S.66 1,2.  No notebook entry today.
10/2 Corrections and in depth conversation about Friday's work.  Nothing absent student can make up.
10/3 L16,17 S.70 PS 1-2, S.73-75
10/4 Practice on the board, nothing an absent student can make up
10/5 L19, example 1-2 (S.79), Exercise 1-3 (S.80-82), for Exceeding also complete page S.83
10/6 L20 S.84 a and 85 b (in notes in the notebook section), S.85 c-d, S>86 f-g.  For exceeding, also do S.87 h, S.88 j, and S.89 1-2.
10/9 L21 S.92 2-10 (conversion rates on S.93).  Must be solved using the way shown here
10/10 L22 S.97 1-7 using cross cancellation (see link above)
10/11 L22 Day 2, nothing can be made up by absent students
10/12 L26 S.114-115
10/13 S.
116 1, 2b S.117 3b, 4b, S.118 1-3, S.120, S.121
10/16 Finding percents through division, absent students should watch and can find practice problems throughout lesson 26
10/17 Study practice for test, nothing absent students can make up
10/18 Study practice for test, nothing absent students can make up
10/20 Test
10/23 Percents Recap, absent students should copy down the notebook and use the method shown in the notes to complete the Percents Practice posted in Useful Documents.