Merry Christmas!

Here are some health suggestions for Christmas Break.

Keep healthy snacks around the house (whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.) instead of snacks filled with sugar. Sugar has no nutritional value, does not satisfy your hunger, and is high in calories. Three thousand, five hundred (3,500) extra calories create an extra pound of body weight. Those extra calories accumulate quickly and require discipline to remove. 

Cut back on beverages and drink water, a necessity of the body with zero calories.

Limit the time your children are allowed to watch television or play computer games. A one to one ratio (1:1) of gaming/television and exercise/play will create  a much healthier, alert, and motivated child (and even adults). Have a family activity time where no electronics can be used/monitored. Play a family game that allows quality conversation. Do a project around the house as an activity or help a neighbor in need.

Merry Christmas to all!  Don't forget the true reason for this celebration.

Jonathan Sousley